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About Us

Our Story:

Halie’s Boutique is an upscale gift shop that sells gifts, home decor, accessories and clothing in West Cary NC. We are located in Parkside Town Commons. We believe in only the best merchandise and love items that give back to the community. Halie’s Boutique has onsite monogramming, ready-made gift baskets and will assist all customers in putting together a gift that is unique as the individual that is getting it. Customer service is our highest priority.



Halie's Boutique evolved from a trip to Hawaii. I spent some time in and out of the cutest and unique boutiques and knew at that moment I wanted to open a store in Cary.

Corrie, (that's me),  is a 4th generation business owner that started with a banana stand on the streets of NYC with her Great Grandfather. Corrie has spent her entire life working the family businesses from an early age. She graduated with a pre-law degree and went off to spend 16 years in the sports and entertainment industry and planning events for NYC finest and in NC. She realized her true calling was to own a business like her family, however she decided the food industry was not for her. Corrie loves to shop and loves to find unique items. She believes in order to be a successful business owner you have to love what you do and what you sell. Items in the boutique are fun and trendy direct from NY and even California. I also believe Southern hospitality is unique and important so you will find your southern favorites as well. We should all look good and feel good and give a gift that is unique and special. Life is too short not to enjoy it!


Corrie has 3 children – Steven Jr., Isabella, and Jackson. All 3 are so excited to be part of the business and will probably be out and about assisting you the best way they can.

Who is Halie?

Halie’s Boutique is named after Corrie’s late daughter: Jacqueline HALIE. Jacqueline passed away at the age of 5, unexpectedly on September 2, 2007.

Halie’s Boutique is and will always be everything that Jacqueline was: Bright, Cheery, Trendy, Honest, Sophisticated and True. She loved pink and butterflies. We encourage everyone to live life to the fullest and live each day as its last.


Assistant Managers:

Devra        Kirsten